For patients, innovation is a matter of life and death.

13.5 Years

The average time it takes to bring a drug from lab discovery to market.


The portion of drug candidates commencing clinical trials that obtain regulatory endorsement.


The average lifetime cost of bringing a new drug to market.

Progress can’t wait a moment longer.

An audacious mission

Synapse DAO funds research and builds companies that are set to develop and bring to the market the next generation of breakthroughs. Our tech-empowered, decentralised approach is designed to disrupt an inefficient system, while activating sleeping talent and innovation through the unification of a global network of researchers, investors, and company builders.

Bringing scientific innovation from lab to life in
half the time.

Bringing scientific innovation from lab to life in half the time.

Synapse DAO facilitates novel collaborative approaches to funding, developing, and building upon scientific breakthroughs to advance human healthcare and beat the ticking clock of the most life-threatening, debilitating diseases.

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