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Synapse DAO is curating an ecosystem where researchers, developers, industry partners, and company builders are able to collaboratively redefine the global pharmaceutical landscape. Our fluid organisational structure is a testament to our commitment to decentralisation, embodying a vision where the traditional hurdles in R&D are dismantled in favour of a more dynamic, reactive approach to pharmaceutical innovation.

A multi-faceted strategy for
global impact .

Strategic Venture Funding

Our investments are meticulously directed to catalyse advancements in crucial medical domains, and to prioritise projects with the highest need and potential for groundbreaking innovation.

Innovative Company Building

We're not just funding; we're founding. Our approach to establishing early-stage ventures is about bringing life sciences research directly into development, primed for scaling and impact.

Talent Network Curation

We’re assembling a diverse, interdisciplinary network of experts, from translational medicine to clinical development and beyond, all driven to accelerate the journey of pharmaceutical innovation from inception to market.

Meet our builders

We're a collective force united by a clear mission: to radically transform the system that delivers life-changing medical advancements to the patients who need them most. If your passion aligns our vision for the future of decentralised pharma innovation, there's a place for you at Synapse.

Simone Fantaccini, MD, MBA

Driving Innovation and Performance in Life Sciences: Chief Scientific Officer, Entrepreneur, and Architect for Global Health Solutions

Scott Howell

Scott Howell, MD, MBA, is a former physician and healthcare and life sciences executive with expertise in US drug commercialization, pricing and access. After retiring as US Chief Strategy Officer for Novartis, Scott now advises, teaches and writes, co-hosts a drug pricing and access podcast, and has co-founded Synapse.

Eleanor Davies

Early adopter in Decentralised Science (DeSci). Dealflow Steward at VitaDAO, leading an expert community of 700+ in longevity biotech investment and pioneering a new biotech spinout model for DAOs. Co-initiator and founding COO at LabDAO. Prior, Eleanor has secured multi-million dollar startup funding and consulted in mid- to large-cap healthcare and biotech transactions.

Joshua Bate

Joshua is an experienced contributor to the web3 ecosystem. Having worked in DeFi, DAOs and public goods, he is now leading a prominent organisation in the Decentralised Science space. His expertise lies in coordination of people and capital using onchain token mechanisms.

Giulia Mallucci
Advisory Board

Neurologist with a PhD, has a robust focus on demyelinating diseases. Enhanced by experiences in Italy, Germany, UK, and Swiss her background blends diverse healthcare insights with preclinical research acumen.

Tyler Golato
Advisory Board

Biomedical scientist and decentralized science pioneer. Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Molecule AG, a platform to facilitate decentralized, modular, and collaborative drug development. Tyler also co-initiated VitaDAO, PsyDAO, and bio.xyz.

Synapse DAO facilitates novel collaborative approaches to funding, developing, and building upon scientific breakthroughs to advance human healthcare and beat the ticking clock of the most life-threatening, debilitating diseases.

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